Fire Safety Adviser Consultancy

We specialise in fire consultancy and can provide a person who holds a current building fire safety qualification as a Fire Safety Adviser (FSA), to act for and on behalf of your company.

Please contact us to discuss how we can support your business meet the required compliance obligations.

Does my company require a FSA?

The owner of a building or a person that is occupying or managing a building in Queensland has a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in that building in the event of a fire or other emergency.

As part of the obligation, in accordance with the Building Fire Safety Regulation (2008), there is a requirement for occupiers of high occupancy buildings to have an appointed FSA. Buildings that require a FSA include:

  • Class 2, 3, 5, 6, 7b, 8, 9a, 9b and 9c buildings are those workplaces where 30 or more workers are normally employed.
  • Class 2 or 3 buildings are those more than 25 meters in height.
  • Licensed premises that have been identified by the Commissioner as at risk of overcrowding.

Why appoint an external FSA instead of training one of my employees?

Advantages of appointing our company as an external FSA include:

  • Experienced fire industry provider.
  • Registered Building Serviced Authority (BSA) company.
  • Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPA) member.
  • Attend regular fire conferences to gain the latest legislative requirements and forthcoming changes and view new fire protection equipment.

The appointment of an external FSA is a cost efficient process as companies are not paying for a nominated person to attend a 3 day training course; which are expensive when wages and other on costs are added – only to have the trained person resign. Major companies are outsourcing their FSA obligations to reduce the initial training cost and repeated training costs as employees move on.

The FSA services are only used as required which is a cost benefit, the services provided by FSA also relieve the work pressure on the health and safety personnel allowing them to focus on the ongoing site health and safety issues.

FSA Service

FSA service can include:

  • Provide the FSA service to your company.
  • Review every six months the compliance to the BFSR 2008.
  • Advise if employee fire training is up to date.
  • Advise if fire warden training is up to date.
  • Confirm fire maintenance complies with the requirements of QDC MP6.1.
  • Confirm all fire equipment is recorded on fire equipment register.
  • Confirm fire equipment complies with AS2441 and AS2444.
  • Accompany QFRS inspector on premises inspection and discuss any action points raised.
  • Accompany QFRS inspector in the event of a site fire incident.
  • Investigate any fire incident as requested by your company.
  • Accompany insurance brokers on compliance inspection.
  • Deal with any QFRS correspondence relating to BSFR 2008 issues.
  • Coordinate first response instruction to employees (BFSR s37).
  • Conduct pre annual fire evacuation drill refresher training for fire wardens.
  • Conduct annual fire evacuation drill (BFSR s44).
  • Conduct annual review fire evacuation plan (BFSR s28).
  • Confirm fire evacuation drill paperwork is in compliance with (BFSR s46).
  • Provide management guidance and advice to ensure statutory compliance to the relevant Acts, Regulations, Standards and Codes of Practices.

For further information on FSA requirements, a copy of the BFSR 2008 is available to download.

Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 « click here to download the Regulation