Evacuation Diagram and Signs

We develop full colour Evacuation Diagrams and Signs on durable long lasting aluminium.

Whether you have a small business and require only two Evacuation Diagram and Signs or you require them for a high rise building with 100 hotel rooms – we specialise in providing professionally developed Evacuation Diagram and Signs.

We develop the Evacuation Diagram and Signs from your building plan (if available) and also visit your premises to confirm accuracy.

Our Evacuation Diagram and Signs are compliant to the Building Fire Safety Regulation (BFSR) 2008, and includes the following information:

  • Orientated to the ‘you are here’ point – easy to understand your location in an emergency situation
  • The route from the ‘you are here’ point to the nearest exit
  • The main and alternate route (if applicable) to the assembly area
  • Location of fire fighting & first aid equipment
  • Location of manually operated fire alarms and significant switchboard/s
  • Intercommunication devices – Warden phones (if applicable)
  • All required procedures for safely evacuating the building (RACE, PASS procedures)
  • Your company logo

For further information on Evacuation Diagram and Sign requirements, a copy of the BFSR 2008 is available to download.

Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 « click here to download the Regulation

Please contact us for further details and pricing information.