Drug and Alcohol Screening

In the interest of a safe working environment many organisations conduct drug and alcohol screening in their workplace.

We can support organisation’s drug and alcohol policy/program by conducting an independent drug and alcohol screening service.

We conduct drug and alcohol screening in a private and confidential environment at our Rockhampton office:

  • Drug & alcohol test certificate issued to each person
  • Professional, Nationally Accredited collectors/technicians
  • Non-negative results dealt with confidentiality

Screening schedules:

  • Random
  • Scheduled
  • Pre-departure to client’s site / prior to induction
  • Pre-employment
  • On suspicion
  • Post incident

Our 6 panel urine drug screening test, detects the following drugs:

Test                         Calibrator                                         Examples

  • AMP               Amphetamine                                     Speed, Uppers
  • MET               Methamphetamine                               Ice / Crystal Meth
  • COC               Benzoylecgonine                                 Cocaine
  • OPI                Morphine                                           Opiates, Codeine
  • THC               Tetrahydrocannabinol                           Marijuana / Cannabis
  • BZO               Oxazepam                                          Valium, Tranquilisers

Non-negative results can be forwarded to laboratory for GC/MS testing; results are received in a maximum of 48 hours.

Australian Standard compliant screening:

  • Urine drug screening  in accordance with AS/NZS 4308:2008
  • Oral fluid drug screening in accordance with AS 4760-2006
  • Alcolizer used for alcohol screening is in compliance with AS3547

Drug and alcohol screening information « click here to downland information

We can also complete onsite screening, please contact us to arrange a quote.