Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Products

ECO products are designed to assist in the event of an evacuation / emergency situation, by ensuring that ECO personnel are easily identifiable to building occupants and responding emergency services.

Below is a summary of the ECO identification requirements from Australian Standard 3745-2010, section 5.8:

  • ECO members shall be identifiable by use of coloured apparel that shall be at least one of the following – helmets, caps, hats, vests or tabards.
  • Where in-house first aid personnel respond with the ECO, they shall be identified by a white cross on a green background.
  • Identification apparel should be prominently marked with the wearer’s ECO title.
  • The type of identification used for each ECO designation shall be consistent throughout the facility.
  • If there is an emergency response team included in the ECO, they should be clearly identified.
  • The specific floor, area or building may also be identified.

Emergency Control Organisation « please click here to download PDF for information on vests, caps and hard hats available

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